Litigation/Dispute Resolution/Arbitration/Mediation

  • Prosecuted and defended professional negligence cases include prosecution and defense of attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects, stockbrokers, insurance brokers and agents, real estate brokers and agents.
  • Represented construction and design company in protecting its rights under an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract against a state’s largest utility company to receive a $9 million award.
  • Represented accountants in cases alleging accountant liability.
  • Represented stock brokers and individuals in actions alleging stock manipulation, business-related torts and breach of contract.
  • Prosecuted and defended companies in actions alleging asset and financial loss from fraudulent conveyances or inter-company transactions.
  • Represented client in partnership dissolution proceeding involving injunctive relief including a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction.
  • Protected shareholder’s rights in contested litigation by seeking expedited discovery, the appointment of a receiver and punitive damages.
  • Represented private shareholder in nonpublic company to negotiate a settlement agreement on favorable terms after filing an aggressive complaint alleging corporate mismanagement.
  • Represented clients in disputes alleging defamation including libel, slander and slander per se.
  • Represented clients in actions involving corporate deadlock, accounting, breach of contract, misappropriation, theft of corporate assets, breach of covenant of good faith, tortuous interference with contract and business relations, breach of the duty of loyalty, conversion, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and asset value diminution.
  • Represented investment banking company involving allegations of negligent supervision, negligent misrepresentation and fraud.
  • Represented twenty-six major financial investment companies and partnerships in one of the largest Ponzi schemes in United States history resulting in a successful recovery.
  • Represented private firms and individuals in actions alleging malpractice, fraud and misrepresentation.
  • Defended cosmetics company founder in alleged joint venture action.
  • Represented clients in federal and state courts, administrative hearings, and in alternative dispute resolution settings including arbitrations and mediations.
  • Defended law firms in legal malpractice actions.
  • Negotiated on behalf of clients to avoid litigation where client’s interests are best served.
  • Prosecuted collection actions for law firms and companies.
  • Represented company in trademark infringement case.
  • Represented partners, shareholders, companies and individuals in arbitration and mediation proceedings.
  • Represented companies, individuals, partnerships in litigation and bankruptcy related adversary proceedings, sometimes involving simultaneous actions in more than one jurisdiction.
  • Represented borrower in promissory note dispute involving issues of default, usury, contracts, enforceability, authorization and collection.
  • Represented accounting service provider in contract dispute with customer wherein liability was conceded and trial resulted in nominal damages award, affirmed on appeal.
  • Represented financing institution in action to seize and liquidate manufacturing equipment securing defaulted loan.
  • Represented financial institutions and individuals in investment and securities industry regulatory investigations.
  • Litigated numerous utility-related matters.
  • Litigated issues relating to employee and independent contractor status.
  • Defended international manufacturing corporation and major pharmaceutical firm in products liability actions.
  • Represented computer software company in copyright infringement dispute with competitor.
Corporate/Business Transactions/Commercial/Contract Law
  • Represented clients in business transactions or litigations involving (i) business purchases and sales; (ii) asset purchases and sales, (iii) stock purchases and sales, (iv) regulatory and administrative hearings, (v) lease matters, (vi) assignment issues, (vii) apartment buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, and inns, (viii) actions against major public utility companies, (ix) matters addressing manufacturing, commercial, office and residential buildings and land, (x) priorities among creditors, (xi) franchises, and (xii) gas stations.
  • Represented individuals, public and private companies, partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies, in simple and complex corporate, real estate and litigation transactions and matters involving (i) corporate and business disputes, (ii) corporate governance and business organization, (iii) preference and avoidance actions, (iv) contracts, negligence, warranties, torts, fiduciary duty, misrepresentation, omissions, fraud and malpractice, (v) shareholder issues, (vi) notes, (vii) estates, (viii) property and ownership disputes, (ix) environmental law, (x) attachments and liens, (xi) bankruptcy, and (xii) legal and equitable relief.
  • Negotiated and litigated lending related actions including lender liability.
  • Represented institutional investors who had purchased bonds predicated upon false and misleading information resulting in significant settlements.
  • Represented entities and individuals in business formation and corporate record issues including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.
  • Represented telecommunication companies in business formation issues such as franchise agreements, buy-outs, mergers and successor companies.
  • Represented internet company in licensing and business issues.
  • Represented public company to insulate them from damages in dispute involving allegations of unfair and deceptive business practices.
  • Represented start-up companies in business formation, licensing, employment, corporate and financial issues.
  • Represented telecommunications companies in expanding their products and client base through the United States.
  • Represented television cable company in regulatory and franchise issues.
  • Represented international food and beverage corporation in post-closing balance sheet arbitration dispute following acquisition.
  • Negotiated and drafted numerous confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.
  • Drafted numerous audit response letters in connection with the examination of companies’ financial statements.
Insurance Law
  • Represented insurance company in breach of contract, unjust enrichment and conversion matter.
  • Represented insurance company in action seeking and receiving attachment, preliminary injunction, leave to file amended complaint and expedited discovery.
  • Represented insurance company in action in an action seeking the selling, assignment and transfer of account.
  • Represented insurance company in premium financing litigation.
  • Represented insurance broker and agent, and insurance company, in oil spill environmental pollution case involving underground storage tank liability.
  • Represented insurance company in class action dispute resulting in the dismissal of eight of nine causes of action and the significant reduction in liability under the remaining ninth cause which alleged violation of state’s deceptive business practice statute, which could have resulted in punitive damage and attorney fees awards.
  • Represented defendant insurance company to dismiss case by motion without resorting to trial in action alleging malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of warranty, and negligent and intentional misrepresentation.
  • Represented employers and employees in insurance related administrative hearings and appeals.
  • Represented insurance and financial companies, brokers and agents at trial and appeal levels.
  • Prosecuted and defended cases insurance companies in bankruptcy cases.
  • Represented bank in insurance coverage and fraud disputes in state and federal courts concerning insurance-backed financing;
  • Represented insurance company in student loans related matter.
  • Drafted numerous brokerage agreements.
  • Litigated issues relating to workers compensation insurance.
  • Litigated coverage issues.
Construction Law
  • Represented owners and construction companies including contractors and subcontractors in cases alleging breach of contract, construction defects, design defects, failure to make prompt payment, failure to timely complete a contract and architectural misfeasance.
  • Represented owners and construction companies in cases alleging accounting and auditing irregularities.
  • Represented firm in construction related dispute seeking attachment of assets from a related bankruptcy matter, escrow of funds to satisfy judgment and resolution on favorable terms.
  • Represented school district in construction dispute.
  • Represented construction companies in actions involving the Vermont Department of Transportation.
  • Negotiated and drafted building loan agreements.
  • Negotiated and litigated numerous matters relating to termination of services, unpaid invoices and misrepresentation.
  • Represented owners and construction companies in cases involving bankruptcy.
Real Estate Law
  • Drafted numerous purchase and sale contracts.
  • Drafted numerous condominium documents and bylaws.
  • Served as President of Condominium Association.
  • Represented seller of condominium-hotel in approximately 100 sales.
  • Represented clients in mortgage-related issues.
  • Represented clients in commercial real estate issues.
  • Represented clients in residential real estate issues.
Torts/Negligence/Personal Injury/Accident Law/Automotive
  • Defended firm in action alleging fraudulent inducement, malpractice, and negligent and intentional misrepresentation resulting in complete vindication of alleged wrongdoing and the collection of attorney fees.
  • Represented small business whose employee was involved in a truck accident with a car whose driver alleged personal injuries.
  • Represented client who suffered a broken finger when doctor conducting a physical examination negligently broke the bone and compounded his negligence with medical malpractice by wrongfully treating the broken bone.
  • Represented individual who suffered physical injury on landlord’s property.
  • Prosecuted and defended professional negligence cases include prosecution and defense of attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects, stockbrokers, insurance brokers and agents, real estate brokers and agents.
  • Represented individual whose vehicle warranty was not honored by manufacturer or dealer.
  • Represented clients in action involving allegations of consumer fraud, negligence, breach of express and implied warranty, breach of contract, negligent and intentional misrepresentation, fraud in the inducement, fraudulent concealment and professional malpractice.
Family and Divorce Law
  • Represented victims of domestic violence in divorce, child custody and support proceedings.
  • Successfully argued cutting edge law to overcome the long-standing presumption of paternity in family law and adoption case.
  • Represented minor children in divorce proceedings.
  • Represented family in contested civil confinement case.
  • Represented clients in contested child custody proceedings.
  • Represented former spouse to win on summary judgment in breach of settlement agreement and contempt of court action.
Employment Law
  • Represented company in employer and employee related matters including insurance coverage disputes, government regulations and constitutional issues.
  • Represented independent contractor in breach of contract action.
  • Represented investment bank in employee’s compensation action, resolved in favor of client on summary judgment and affirmed on appeal.
  • Litigated issues relating to employee and independent contractor status.
  • Represented employers and employees in termination-related matters, including disputes regarding restrictive covenants.
Bankruptcy/Creditor Rights
  • Prosecuted and defended numerous preference and avoidance actions.
  • Represented Chapter 11 Trustee in two matters.
  • Represented Bankruptcy Examiner.
  • Represented commercial landlord in tenant’s bankruptcy.
  • Represented creditors in bankruptcy matters and adversary proceedings.
  • Prosecuted and defended cases insurance companies in bankruptcy cases.
  • Advised companies on rights and responsibilities relating to bankruptcy filings of business associates, vendors, creditors and more.
  • Represented numerous companies and individuals in preference and avoidance actions.
  • Filed, prosecuted and/or objected to numerous administrative expense claims.
  • Filed numerous proofs of claim.
  • Negotiated with numerous Bankruptcy Trustees.
  • Entered into numerous bankruptcy court approved settlement agreements on behalf of clients.
  • Represented two defendants in the Enron Commercial Paper adversary proceeding.
  • Represented claimant in Adelphia Bankruptcy resulting in successful settlement.
  • Drafted numerous fee applications on behalf of attorneys, accountants and other professionals.
  • Drafted plan or reorganization in complex Chapter 11 case.
  • Litigated numerous adversary proceedings and bankruptcy matters.
  • Represented and advised construction companies on rights and responsibilities when contractual partners have or might file for bankruptcy protection.
  • Represented companies in the sale, assignment and/or transfer of their claims in bankruptcy.
  • Represented clients in the assignment and assumption of leases, rents and security deposits in bankruptcy.
  • Represented clients in the assignment of License Agreements.
  • Represented numerous parties in automatic stay bankruptcy matters.
  • Drafted Ballot for Accepting or Rejecting Trustee’s Chapter 11 Plan of Liquidation.
  • Represented clients at 341 Creditors’ Hearings.
  • Drafted and responded to numerous summary judgment and motions to dismiss in bankruptcy cases.
  • Litigated issues relating to withdrawal of reference in bankruptcy.
  • Drafted bidding procedures motion in bankruptcy.
  • Litigated issues relating to reopening of bankruptcy cases.
  • Drafted Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement.
  • Drafted wills.
  • Drafted advanced directives.
  • Litigated will contest.
Municipal Services
  • Prosecuted and defended municipalities in construction-related disputes.
  • Negotiated and litigated matters and actions under Governmental Unit’s or Organization’s Police or Regulatory Powers and § 362(b)(4) of the Bankruptcy Code.
  • Prosecuted and defended municipalities in issues relating to regulatory compliance.
  • Negotiated issues related to school boards.
  • Litigated matters related to public records demands and responses.
  • Litigated/advised on behalf of municipality in bankruptcy court.
DUI, Traffic and Criminal Law
  • Represented clients, union and union officials accused of criminal and civil wrongdoing.
  • Represented individual charged with hearing impairment charged with DUI for failure to understand officer’s instructions.
  • Represented client charged with speeding through a construction zone.
  • Represented clients in traffic-related issues.
  • Successfully represented insurance and financial companies, brokers and agents at trial and on appeal.
  • Successfully represented firms, trustees and individuals at trial and on appeal.
  • Successfully defended final judgment following trial in favor of bank in insurance-backed financing dispute.
  • Successfully defended appeal of summary judgment awarded by court in favor of client in employment compensation action.
  • Successfully defended appeal of final judgment following trial in accounting services provider’s contract dispute with customer.
  • Represented air services broker in appeal of adverse judgment following trial in contract action.
  • Represented clients including companies, employers and employees in numerous administrative hearings and appeals including matters involving workers’ compensation, VOSHA, the Vermont Agency of Transportation, Vermont Department of Education, New York City Housing Authority, New York City Tax Department, and New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission.
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